Erasmus+ Programme - Strategic Partnership

Erasmus+ Programme - Strategic Partnership

Project Overview

Effective Methodology of Teaching for Children for Children with ASD from Mainstream Schools is a project project which wishes to contribute to the training and professional development of teachers in mainstream schools who working with children with ASD.

Autism is a severe developmental disorder of neurobiological nature, which often occurs at birth or at the age of 18 months - 2 years of the child. Autism is a behavioral syndrome characterized by difficulties in communication and language, social and behavioral (through stereotyped, repetitive, auto-stimulatory behaviors).

From 2000 to 2010, the prevalence of autism has doubled according to international statistics published in March 2014, which makes autism a more common cause. More specifically, if in 2000 one in 150 people had autism, in 2010 one out of 68 children is affected by an autistic spectrum disorder.

A research done Sociometrics Association - Social and Economic Analysis Group for Romanian and Angel Appeal Foundation (RAA) shows that, in the opinion of parents with ASD children, teachers are very much willing to contribute to the integration of the child (42% of the respondents) but only 22% of them state that the teaching staff knows what to do.

There are training courses in many dialectical training institutions, but not strictly for autism, but for working with children with special educational needs - generally, so that this spectrum is included, but there is no course to be dedicated to autism.

The project aims to implement a Pilot course for teachers working with ASD children in mainstream schools and to develop a teacher guide (educational support).

The Pilot course will be implemented following the formation of a group of experts from each partner organization according to the results of a needs group analysis of the target group. Teacher training will be based on current information on children with ASD, specific methods and use of the Personalized Intervention Plan.

The Teacher's Guide will contain, besides models of learning and assessment tools for children with ASD and adapted programs for Communication and language development for children with ASD from kindergarten to high school.